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For over twenty years, Geo Edizioni has been active on a daily basis for the research and preservation of the historical memory of sport in Italy through its various disciplines, the clubs, the competitions, the protagonists.

With the support of many friends and external collaborators Simona Carboncini and Carlo Fontanelli, founding partners of the company, have printed over six hundred publications, not all of which are listed in the company catalog.

The two protagonists, who have also shared the fate of life for forty years, before giving life to Geo Edizioni srl were the founders and main animators of Mariposa Editrice, another company that during the nineties had published numerous sports books , brochures and monthly magazines such as Planet Football and Ciclosprint.

A passion and an infinite love for information (Carlo Fontanelli has been a journalist since 1989) and the pleasure of spreading it to the many enthusiasts who have been following their incessant commitment every day for over thirty years.




I was able to get hold of their publications and I was impressed by the work done with passion and professionalism, the topics are treated impeccably, congratulations.



The best service I have received. I live in England and received my item within 3 days of placing my order. They provided me with a number of shipping options and answered my questions quickly and efficiently. They have a real passion for their business and this is reflected in the quality of their service and their products. I would recommend this company without hesitation.



Excellent publisher, quality, super recommended for those who want to publish their book ...

Courtesy, kindness, punctuality, professionalism, transparency, education, make all this a very pleasant and satisfying shopping experience ...

All flawless and done in the smallest details with great seriousness, a real pleasure

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