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If you run a bookshop or newsstand and are interested in reselling our products, contact us by phone or email at your and we will provide you with all the instructions and details you may need.

1. General

1.1 These Conditions of Sale contain the terms and conditions under which we will supply the Products to you.

1.2 References in these Conditions of Sale to the words "you", "your" or "customer" indicate the person who purchases the Products.

1.3 References in these Conditions of Sale to the words "we", "our", "seller" or "GEO Edizioni" indicate the company GEO Edizioni srl.

1.4 References to the word “Products” in these Conditions of Sale indicate the publications offered for sale by GEO Edizioni on our website

1.5 The expressions "written" or "in writing" in these Conditions of Sale, include e-mails.

1.6 We invite you to carefully read these Conditions of Sale before placing an order. These Conditions of Sale indicate who we are, how we will provide you with the Products, how the contract may be amended or terminated, what to do if there is a problem and other relevant information.

1.7 We invite you to contact us through the methods indicated on the "Contacts" page if you need further information.

2. Contract for the purchase of Products

2.1 Submitting an order using the checkout procedure on our website is equivalent to a purchase proposal for the selected Product (s).

2.2 We will verify your proposal to purchase the Products and accept it with the first of the following events (i) the receipt by you of an "Order Confirmation Email" or (ii) the delivery of the Product (s). The contract will not be considered finalized until this moment. In any case, we will send you a communication confirming the conclusion of the contract with an indication of the relevant main terms.

2.3 We may refuse your order if:

(A) the Product was no longer available in stock;

(B) the Product was out of production;

(C) we were unable to obtain authorization for your payment or did not receive the payment itself;

(D) there were reasons to suspect fraud.

2.4 In the event of one of the aforementioned cases, GEO Edizioni will cancel your order, notify you of the cancellation and refund you the amount paid by you for the order in a timely manner, and in any case within fourteen (14) days from the date of payment.

2.5 Unless otherwise provided for by applicable laws, the reimbursement of the amount paid by you for the order will represent the maximum extent of the liability of GEO Edizioni for each canceled order.

3. Prices and payments

3.1 The price of the Products will be that indicated on our website at the time of your checkout, unless it is manifestly incorrect.

3.2 The prices of the Products do not include shipping costs (whose rates can be consulted on the "Shipping and returns" page) and any transaction costs (for which we will not be responsible).

3.3 In the event that you pay for your order by means of an international credit or debit card, the price indicated on your statement may vary according to exchange rates. Your bank or the institution that issued the card may charge you additional costs and expenses for foreign exchange which may increase the overall cost of your purchase. In this regard, please contact your bank or card issuer before placing an order on our website.

3.4 The personal information you provide at the time of purchase will be processed electronically by GEO Edizioni for payment of the order and for anti-fraud checks. Your personal data will be processed in compliance with our Privacy Policy.

3.5 Payments made on the site are managed by third parties, our payment partners and transmitted using the Secure Sockets Layer ("SSL") protocol with 2048 bit encryption. Your credit / debit card information will be stored on the servers of the aforementioned third party payment partners.

4. Our Products

4.1 The images of the Products on our website are provided for illustrative purposes only. Despite our best efforts to ensure the accuracy of the images of the Products on our website, your Product may vary slightly from those images (for example, in color).

5. Risk and title

5.1 We invite you to acknowledge that you will be responsible for the Product (s) from the moment the Product (s) is / are delivered to the address you indicated or from the moment you collect the Product (s). /the. You will become the owner of the Product (s) as soon as we have received full payment for the Product (s).

6. Legal guarantee

6.1 This article describes the content of the guarantee to which you are entitled under the applicable law ("Legal Guarantee"). On the basis of the Legal Guarantee, you have the right to restore, without charge, the conformity of the Product, by repairing or replacing the Product, or - in the event that such remedies are not possible or are excessively onerous - to an adequate reduction in the price or termination of the contract. The Legal Warranty applies to any lack of conformity that occurs within two years of delivery of the Product, provided that you notify us of the lack of conformity within two months from the date on which you discovered it.

6.2 The legal guarantee does not cover any of the cases listed in art. 7 (Exclusions from the legal guarantee).

6.3 To submit a complaint, you will need to provide proof of your original purchase (the invoice (s)), indicate the defective Product (s) and send photographic proof of the Product defects to the email address .

6.4 Please consider that we provide after-sales assistance only in the areas where we make deliveries (including repairs and / or replacements / returns). GEO Edizioni accepts no responsibility for orders placed outside the official sales territories.

6.5 The Legal Guarantee does not affect your rights under the law.

7. Exclusions from the statutory warranty

7.1 The legal guarantee does not cover:

(A) defects or damages resulting from accident, negligence, misuse or abnormal use; defects or damage caused by abnormal conditions or incorrect storage, exposure to liquids, humidity, sand or dirt, or unusual physical, electrical or electromechanical voltages;

(B) scratches, dents or cosmetic damage, unless they were caused by GEO Edizioni;

(C) defects or damages resulting from excessive force or use of objects on the cover or pages of the books;

(D) normal wear;

(E) defects or damage resulting from external causes such as collision with an object, fire, flood, dirt, storm, lightning, earthquake, exposure to atmospheric agents, theft, blown fuses or improper use of electrical sources;

(F) products not purchased on or from GEO Edizioni through telephone and email orders;

(G) Products purchased outside the territories officially supported by GEO Edizioni;

(H) Products that have been subject to modifications or changes in shape by the purchaser or by a third party.

8. Our cancellation rights

8.1 GEO Edizioni undertakes to make every effort to provide you with the Products indicated in your order confirmation. However, we will have to cancel your order if:

(A) we were legally required to do so;

(B) we have reason to suspect fraud; and / or

(C) after a reasonable amount of time has elapsed after our request, you do not provide us with information necessary for us in order to provide you with the Product (s), for example, in the event that you provide us with delivery or contact information incorrect or incomplete, or if it fails to update the information when requested.

9. Our website

9.1 We are the owners or legitimate licensees of all intellectual property rights relating to our website, including its contents. You agree to use our website for personal, non-commercial purposes only.

9.2 Our website is provided on an "as described" and "as available" basis and we make no representations or warranties (neither expressed nor implied) with respect to our website. For example, we do not guarantee that our website will meet your needs, that it is available twenty-four (24) hours a day, or that your use of the website will be uninterrupted, error-free, bug-free and virus-free.


1. Protection of personal data

Through our online and telephone sales procedures we will acquire some of your personal, payment and contact data, necessary for the fulfillment of the practices related to orders, shipments and billing. All collected data is stored in an internal database and is not shared with third parties.

For further information, consult our Privacy Policy .

2. User's responsibility for the use of passwords or access codes

Some content or services on the Site may be accessible through personal access codes issued to the User. The User is obliged to comply with the utmost diligence in the use and custody of access codes (and is therefore required, in particular but not exclusively, not to store them in clear text in unattended places or on the computer screen or in the memory of the computer itself) and is therefore responsible for all the consequences related to their abusive use.
Username, password and any other access code assigned to the User are strictly personal and non-transferable.
In the event of loss, theft or well-founded fear that your access code has become known to third parties, the User is required to promptly modify it and immediately notify GEO Edizioni according to the password reset / modification rules indicated in the Site. GEO Edizioni reserves the right to suspend the authorizations associated with the access codes until they are restored.
Except for the mandatory rules of law, GEO Edizioni is not in any case responsible for any damage that may arise to the User and / or third parties due to the improper use of access codes.
GEO Edizioni reserves the right to suspend or revoke the authorizations connected to the access codes in the event of violation of the obligations assumed by the User pursuant to this legislation and any other contractual or legal provision, general or special, governing the services. provided by GEO Edizioni and / or for use of the materials / contents of the GEO Edizioni Sites.



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