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Months and months of research have allowed Antonio Mincione and Carlo Fontanelli to reconstruct the final rankings (complete with playoffs, playoffs, playouts, etc.) of the amateur leagues in Veneto from the 1919-20 to 2016-17 season. In almost a century of history, the FIGC Veneto Regional Committee has organized championships from the first level to the last step of the football pyramid.

In the early twenties, First Category and Promotion were the equivalent of the current Serie A and B even if structured on a regional basis, therefore, gradually until 1959-60 the tournaments of 1., 2. and 3. Division. From '59 -60 the 1st and 2nd Regional Category which were subsequently added to the Promotion (at the end of the Sixties) and the Excellence (from 1991-92). An orgy of championships and rankings that statistically tells the evolution of the whole Veneto football scene and its countless clubs representing all the bell towers of the region.

Veneto in the field

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  • Autori: Antonio Mincione, Carlo Fontanelli

    Anno di edizione: 2017

    Formato copertina: Cartonato lucido con rilegatura


    Dimensioni (altezza, larghezza, costola): 29,7 x 21 x 2,2cm


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