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The history of football in Catania from its origins to the present day. From the Pro Patria to the Unione Sportiva Catanese, from Juventus to the glorious Società Sportiva Catania, protagonist in Serie B in the Thirties, up to Calcio Catania 1946 and its many seasons in Serie A and Serie B. The volume contains the complete reports with formations , referees and scorers of all the official matches played by Catania in the league, the Italian Cup and other events, including international ones. All the presidents, coaches and players with their registry names who have worn the glorious rossazzurra jersey since the first championship. In addition to the statistical completeness, the more than 800 vintage and current images, the volume contains the narration, season by season, of the more than secular journey of Etna football through numerous anecdotes and unpublished stories.

All Catania minute by minute - from its origins to 2010

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